Building Customer Relationships

Keep your customers coming back for more with your own digital deals and Perks Card loyalty programs

Imagine having direct access to all of your best customers. Or having the ability to put your promotions into the hands of the most interested community members, as soon as they are available.

With Patron’s Perks, that’s just what you can do.

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*Note: The stamp version is being replaced with a scanner system and there is currently a fallback pin code system

  • It’s 6-7 times more expensive to earn a new customer than to keep an existing one
  • Encourages new customers to come back again
  • Customers return up to 20% more often
  • Return customers spend more over time (46% more in businesses with loyalty programs)

  • Create unlimited Perks Cards with Fill-In-The-Blank ease
  • Easily grow an email list of customers for your newsletter for future updates and marketing
  • Patron’s Perks places your business directly into the hands of your customers
  • Unlimited digital deals (single use coupons)

Perks Card
Perks Card
Just fill in the blanks and your new loyalty program is ready to keep customers coming back again and again.
You control the Perks

With full control of your digital loyalty program, you can create and modify your Perks at a moments notice. Just fill in the blanks and your new Perks Card is ready to bring customers back again and again.

  • Unlimited Perks Cards with “fill in the blanks” ease
  • Customers return more frequently, spend more and tell their friends when earning rewards
  • Your Perks Cards are stored within your directory listing, just clicks away from every Patron’s Perks user
  • No printing fees, everything is held digitally in the cloud
  • Full control over your promotion. You decide what the rewards are, how many visits are required, and when they expire
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Digital deals
  • Unlimited Digital Deals, just “fill in the blanks”
  • Require Social Sharing to redeem deal for a more viral effect
  • Deals (coupons) delivered on mobile devices have 10x the redemption rate of traditional coupons*
  • Your deals are automatically shared in your Patron’s Perks directory
  • Full control over your deals.  Just fill in the details and share directly with your customers
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Digital Deal
Digital Deal
Have a last minute sale? Want to offer your most loyal customers a great deal? Create your own digital deals and share them with every Patron's Perks user

Why Patron’s Perks?

Patron’s Perks is a local business directory based in Corvallis, and we understand that getting new customers can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why so many local businesses rely on return customers and word of mouth to stay profitable.

With Patron’s Perks, you can quickly create your own digital loyalty program or coupons and share them directly with your most loyal customers through your website, social media pages, and newsletter.

This encourages people to return more often and helps you spread the word by sharing with their friends using the power of social media.


But That’s Not All

We’ll place your new Perks Card and deals on the smartphone of every local community member using the Patron’s Perks directory app.

But even better, our regular contests and giveaways will help ensure your new Perks program is always within fingers reach.  And if that wasn’t enough, choose one of our Enterprise plans and your business will be front and center when your prize is featured in one of our many contests.

This means every Patron’s Perks user will see your business name in our contest advertising, on our website and in our newsletters while the contest is running. Pretty cool, huh? Find Out More!

*According to research done by Localvox

**According to Pew Research

***According to Gallop

****According to Comscore